? SyncJe for Android - Wireless Android sync of Contacts and Calendar. Free to try, using SyncML technology.

SyncJe for Android

SyncJe for Android synchronizes Contacts and Calendar on your Android device with SyncML servers.


What will SyncJe do for me?


Sync your Android devices, without wires.

Keep your information in sync between your desktop and your Android device.

Keep an up to date backup of your information in case your Android device is lost or stolen.

Synchronize your Android device with multiple computers, both home and work.






Purchase SyncJe from Android for $4.99 at the Google Play Store



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Syncs Calendar, Contacts

Free software upgrades

Sync events in a date range

Technical Support


Works with SyncML 1.0.0 or 1.1.1
servers, including: Oracle Collaboration
Suite - First Class - mDaemon

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Getting Started...

What are the main features of SyncJe for Android?

  • Free Software Updates: SyncJe allows you to receive free updates of SyncJe for Android. As new features are released, just install the new version of SyncJe free of charge and start using the new features.
  • 1 Year Technical Support: Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Email, Chat, and Phone.

Can I sync my PC's contact information with my mobile device, or between multiple mobile devices or PCs?

Yes. SyncJe plug-ins are available for multiple mobile devices and desktops like the Mac and Outlook.

How do I start syncing?


First, you need to install SyncJe for Android.


Enter your SyncML account details, and you?ll be syncing right away!
You will need to sign up with a SyncML capable server. There are many free servers available, and some of the more popular ones are listed below.

  • Scheduleworld: Another free service, which can be used for mobile devices and your PC to synchronise contact information, notes, task lists, and calendar information.
  • Mobical: A free SyncML service, allowing you to sync your calendar, notes, task lists and contact information.


Finally, you need to setup SyncJe for Android so it knows which server you are using. Now your Android device will stay in sync automatically, without having to connect

What is a SyncML server and why do I need one?

SyncJe for Android needs to communicate with a SyncML-compatible server for synchronization to work. The SyncML server is "Always On", and acts as a bridge between your Android device, and the computer you want to sync with. It stores the latest updates of your information and makes sure that your Android device and computer are both up to date.

What is SyncML?

SyncML (Synchronization Markup Language), is an industry-wide effort to create a single, common data synchronization protocol optimized for wireless networks. SyncML's goal is to have networked data that support synchronization with any mobile device, and mobile devices that support synchronization with any networked data. The SyncML structured data layer will use XML wherever appropriate. SyncML is intended to work on transport protocols as diverse as HTTP, WSP (part of WAP) and OBEX, and with data formats ranging from personal data (e.g. vCard & vCalendar) to relational data and XML documents.

Which Android device versions and servers will work with SyncJe for Android?

Supported Android OS Version is 1.6 or higher.
Works with SyncML 1.0.0 or 1.1.1 servers, including:

  • Oracle Collaboration Suite
  • First Class
  • mDaemon
  • Open-Xchange 5 Advanced Server
  • Synkia

Version Log

Version 1.5

- Contacts and Events syncing support