Welcome to Nexthaus, global leader in data and device synchronization. Nexthaus prides itself on developing industry-recognized SyncML solutions that feature unmatched wireless interoperability between PC?s, handheld devices and mobile phones for personal and corporate use. The Nexthaus SyncJe Suite of products have been recognized by many industry-leading organizations including BlackBerry and Oracle which has certified the Nexthaus SyncJe BlackBerry client to interoperate with the Oracle Calendar server.


Nexthaus premier synchronization clients wirelessly communicate over the Internet with leading handheld devices and software applications. With the SyncJe Suite of products, users can easily synchronize contacts, calendars, notes and tasks with any SyncML 1.0.0 to 1.1.1 compliant server.



Partner Information

Nexthaus has built much of its success through partnering with leading communications services providers and wireless carriers. By partnering with Nexthaus it provides an expansion to your product and service offering, helping to increase your client's organization and productivity. The Nexthaus Suite of products supports the majority of wireless devices on the market today and can be offered through various licensing options.


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Nexthaus Partners

Technology Partners

Oracle Premium Partner

Oracle has approved and recommends the use of Nexthaus SyncJe for BlackBerry to interoperate with Oracle Calendar Server. The Oracle-certified SyncML profile is now included in Oracle Calendar Server

Research In Motion Development Partner

Research In Motion has approved and recommends the use of SyncJe for BlackBerry with their BlackBerry devices. The partnership enhances the end user experience by integrating with features such as BIS services for a total BlackBerry customer experience.

Microsoft Development Partner

Nexthaus has developed stand alone SyncJe clients that integrate into existing Microsoft programs such as Outlook and Outlook Express.

Sync Integrators


Hostopia is a leading provider of web services that enable small- and medium-sized businesses to establish and maintain an Internet presence. Hostopia has integrated the SyncJe Suite into its collaborative email solutions.


DeskNow is a complete mail and collaboration solution with a strong Web interface. The Nexthaus SyncJe Suite of products provides the synchronization platform.

ScheduleOnline Inc.

ScheduleOnline Inc. delivers, via the Internet and wireless gateways, Scheduling and Resource Planning (SRP) tools for within and beyond the business enterprise.


RedRoller is a provider of e-shipping services. RedRoller selected Nexthaus to synchronize, and make available, customer information securely, from anywhere.