Frequently Asked Questions



What is a SyncML server?

A SyncML server allows the storage and wireless synchronization of your personal data using the SyncML standard, data synchronization protocol. The type of data supported for synchronization is determined by the server and account type, as some servers only support some folders for synchronization such as contacts, calendars, tasks and notes.


Aside from the SyncJe client, what else do I need to sync my personal data?

The SyncJe client needs to be able to communicate with a SyncML-compatible server. There are many options available, including these free services:

- Goosync: a free service which allows you to sync your mobile device with Google Calendars. Goosync also offers a premium service which allows syncing with Google Calendars and Contacts.

- Scheduleworld: another free service, which can be used for mobile devices and your PC to synchronise contact information, notes, task lists, and calendar information.

- Mobical: A free SyncML service, allowing you to sync your calendar, notes, task lists and contact information.


Can I sync my PC's contact information, calendar, etc. with my mobile device, or between multiple mobile devices or PCs?

Yes. SyncJe plug-ins are available for multiple mobile devices and PC applications such as MS Outlook. Also see Q1 above for additional information. Please be aware that some servers may not allow synchronization with multiple clients without additional fees. We recommend contacting your server support to ensure this is possible.


How do I configure my SyncJe client to work with ______?

When you sign up for a SyncML server (see Q1 above), you are typically provided with the settings you need to enter into your SyncJe client; these settings are usually found on the SyncML provider's website, and/or sent by email to you when you create an account. Use the settings you were given, along with the setup instructions provided with the SyncJe client, to enter in the required information. If you are using a professional SyncML server solution, such as an Oracle Collaboration Suite server, please contact your system administrator to obtain your settings.


When I install Nexthaus SyncJe for BlackBerry from my desktop PC using the Desktop Manager, I receive the error "No applications were found for your device".

If you receive this error, you may need to update your BlackBerry and Desktop Manager with the latest available software versions from your network provider. Alternatively, you can install SyncJe directly on your BlackBerry by visiting the following link in the browser on your BlackBerry: http://www.nexthaus.com/bb/syncjebb.jad.


I cannot sync with SyncJe for BlackBerry; I receive the message "Datastore not found".

Usually this means that the folders checked for syncing and the folder names entered in the SyncJe settings were not found on the server.


This can occur if:

a. a folder was checked for syncing but the folder name has not been entered;

b. if an incorrect folder name for their server was entered, or

c. if a folder checked for syncing is not supported by your server.


To resolve the issue, ensure that you have entered the correct folder names for your server. Only select the folders for syncing which are supported by your server. You can also try the "Get Folders" feature from within the SyncJe options to have the client retrieve the folder names from the server, but be aware that not all servers support this function and it may return folder names that are not supported by the server.


When using SyncJe for BlackBerry, I receive the message "Background Task is Syncing" and the application appears to be locked in a sync.

If you receive the message "Background Task is Syncing" you will need to reset your BlackBerry by powering it down, then remove the battery for 30 seconds. If you have the autosync feature set to less than 15 minutes in the SyncJe settings, it is advisable that you increase it to 15 minutes or greater to prevent this issue from occurring again. The recommended setting is 1 hour. Alternatively, you may disable the autosync feature and you should no longer receive this message.


I had SyncJe installed and registered on my old device, but SyncJe will not register on my new device, I receive the message "Already Registered".

This may occur if you have changed mobile devices as your SyncJe license key is bound to a single device. In order to use your license key on the new device, please email customerservice@nexthaus.com, include your license name and key and request to have your license key reset. Customer service will reset your license key and will email you to let you know when you may register SyncJe on your new device.


I purchased more than one license from the Nexthaus SyncJe product page, however I only received one license username and key by email from info@nexthaus.com. How can I retrieve my other licenses?

When you click "buy now" on the SyncJe product page you are required to enter a username. This username must be unique for each SyncJe license key purchased. If you purchased multiple SyncJe licenses with the same username, you will need to have a new username and license key generated.

Please email customerservice@nexthaus.com with the following information:

- The registration email address

- The original username entered

- The new username(s) to be generated for each license that was not received.

- A copy of the proof of purchase from PayPal.


Are there any special settings I should use if I am syncing with an Oracle Collaboration Suite?

For the Oracle Collaboration Suite:

If you are using 10g Oracle Collaboration Suite, contact your server administrator for assistance. If you are using SyncJe for BlackBerry, you should make sure that the settings contained within the Oracle Certified sync profile for 10g OCS are also in place. This profile is available for download here.


For your SyncJe client:

Get folders will not work since Oracle uses combined folders for Calendar and Tasks, instead of using:




Use the following folders for Calendar and Tasks:




Upon syncing my BlackBerry, all attendees of meetings or calendar events are sent an email, this occurs on every sync.

First, you can set the "sync events between" range in the SyncJe settings to sync a smaller date range thereby reducing the number of emails sent out during testing.


To resolve the issue, go into the SyncJe settings and check the box for "Skip Saving Attendees" and then save the changes. This should prevent the calendar from sending out emails to attendees. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Nexthaus support to investigate further.


I receive a 506 error when trying to sync and SyncJe for BlackBerry is not syncing.

The 506 errors are generally a network connection issue but can have a variety of possible causes.


These possible causes include:

a. Not using the specific Internet settings for your service provider (BIS, WAP, APN gateway)

b. Poor signal strength or a location with poor data coverage.

c. The wireless network you are using is congested.

d. The device is using an older BlackBerry OS.

e. The BlackBerry firewall is blocking the connection.


Make sure you have the proper network connection type selected in the SyncJe settings for your BlackBerry network provider. If you are unsure, you can always change connection types from BIS/MDS/WAP in the settings and save the changes and try to sync. Also, sync only one folder at a time by unchecking other folders in the SyncJe settings and saving the changes. Ensure that you are using the proper settings for your server including server URL, username, password and foldernames.


If you have a weak signal, try to find another location to sync from. You should have at least 3 signal bars for a stable connection.


If you have a GooSync account you may need to either configure or reset your GooSync device settings by logging into your goosync account online and remove your device and add it again.


Cannot download the client over the air directly to the BlackBerry through the browser. I get error 404 or 403.

Please make sure you are using the proper URL found on the Products page for SyncJe for BlackBerry.


The Over-The-Air (OTA) URL to enter in your BlackBerry browser is:



Alternatively, if you cannot download the client over the air directly to your BlackBerry, you can download the BlackBerry Desktop Manager version to your PC and then install the client by connecting the device by USB to the PC. The Desktop Manager client will be on the same page as the URL for the over the air version but will most likely be a .zip file.

To download the latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, you can go here:


BlackBerry Desktop Manager


The download URL for this version of SyncJe for Blackberry is:

SyncJe for BlackBerry Zip Download


The SyncJe for BlackBerry auto-sync function is not working.

In most cases, turning off the device and then taking the battery out for 30 seconds will resolve the issue.


Make sure that auto-sync has been enabled in the SyncJe settings and an auto-sync time configured (1 hour is the recommended time). Toggle the auto-sync on and off by unchecking this option, save the settings, then check it and save the settings.


However, if you receive error "506 Transport Layer Failed When Sending Message to Server. Permission Denied", you may need to reset your firewall prompts. To reset your firewall prompts, go to:


Security Options > Application Permissions > SyncJe > Edit Permissions > Reset Firewall Prompts > Allow Auto Sync


There are duplicates generated when syncing.

If you are receiving duplicates, please contact your server support as duplicates are generally caused by the server. If duplicates occur, you can remove them from both the server and the device/email client and then try to sync again. However, the data may just duplicate again, so for a resolution to persistant duplication contact your server support.


I receive the error "Could not find service book entry for IPPP" when trying to sync my BlackBerry.

This error can occur if you have selected BIS as connection option but your network service provider either does not support BIS or you do not have a service book for BIS. Depending on which network you are using, you will probably have to select WAP instead and determine the correct settings for your network service.


SyncJe does a slow sync everytime they sync, it also says "No sync anchor found".

The last thing that happens in a successful sync is that the sync anchor gets saved. The sync anchor is a marker used to track the history of success of previous syncs. The server uses these markers to judge whether or not the data is up to date, or needs to be refreshed. NB That is is the server that determines this, the SyncJe client just listens to the server.


It is possible though that a sync stops in the halfway through. This is due wireless network interruptions, which can happen on even the best networks. If a sync is not completing, then the sync anchor will not be saved. As a result, all syncs will be slow syncs until a sync anchor is saved.


If your syncs appear to be completing and they have sufficient signal strength when syncing (at least 3 bars), but it continues to slow sync everytime, please contact your server support to check if the sync anchors are matching. Make sure that you are using the correct foldernames and server credentials as well as network connection type (BIS/MDS/WAP).


In my sync log is the error: "Could not sync: SyncHdr failed: Invalid credentials. The requested command failed because the requestor did not provide proper authentication".

If you receive this message then you are not authenticating properly with the server. Please confirm that you are using the correct login credentials for your server. You may need to contact your server support to ensure you are using the correct login credentials and authenticating properly with the server. Make sure you are able to login to the server account on your PC browser with the same credentials through the web access URL.


In the sync log is an HTML sync Error and I am unable to sync with the server.

If you are trying to perform a sync and you receive an error like:


Could not sync IO: An error occurred while processing server:

<![CDATA[<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""ttp://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
<HTML><HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<TITLE>ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved</TITLE>
<STYLE type="text/css"><!--BODY{background-color:#ffffff;font-family:verdana,sans-serif}PRE{font-family:sans-serif}--></STYLE>
<H2>The requested URL could not be retrieved</H2>
<HR noshade size="1px">
While trying to retrieve th]]>


This error is usually generated when using an incorrect server URL. What is happening is that the server URL entered in the SyncJe settings is sending HTML rather than SyncML data to the client.


Please ensure you are using the correct SyncML server URL with your server support or admin. Also, if you are using a port in the server URL such as 8080, 80 or 3000 try changing to a different port and sync.


When trying to register SyncJe for BlackBerry I receive the error: "Register Failed, Contact Support at Nexthaus.com."

This occurs if you are unable to connect to the registration server. Please ensure you are using the correct type of connection for your network provider in the SyncJe settings, i.e. BIS, WAP, MDS or APN. If you are unsure, try to register using a different type of connection or contact your BlackBerry network to determine the proper connection type.


To test if your BlackBerry currently has an internet connection, try visiting a website in your BlackBerry browser.


I cannot register SyncJe for BlackBerry, I receive the error: "Wrong Username and/or Key".

This error occurs if you have entered the username or registration key incorrectly in the SyncJe settings, please confirm that the username and key have been entered correctly as specified in the original registration email sent from Nexthaus. The License Name (username) and License Key are CASE SENSITIVE. Also, some BlackBerry models enter hidden characters in the registration fields. Try removing and re-entering the key again. If the issue persists, please contact Nexthaus support to investigate the issue.


I cannot register SyncJe for Outlook, I receive the error: "Activation Failed, contact Support@nexthaus.com".

The activation may be failing if you are using a proxy. In order to register you will need an override code to be generated. Please send an e-mail to support@nexthaus.com from the registration activation dialog window (this is where registration error is shown). The dialog box that tells you that the activation fails allows you to send an e-mail by clicking "Support". In the email request that an override key be generated to allow you to register. This email will include the MAC address and registration information for that user and PC. Customer service will generate an override key which will be sent to your email address. Enter the override code in the SyncJe client to register.